And to follow up on my last video post of local San Francisco band Still Flyin’, here is the glorious album artwork from their first album Never Gonna Touch the Ground. One point of interest in the scene is Personal’s Pizzas, no doubt a reference to another local SF band who play the New Jersey personas of Personal & the Pizzas (they have a pizza delivered in the middle of their shows too)! They are releasing their follow up album On A Bedroom Wall in mid-May! 


Still Flyin’ are a local San Francisco band here in the bay area! They put their own unique spin on reggae mixing it with indie pop and DIY communitarian good vibes. In their own words, hammjamm “when a good time gets better.” They have members from a wide variety of varsity and junior varsity indie pop bands such as The Aisler Set, Architecture in Helsinki, Red Pony Clock, #poundsign#, Masters of the Hemisphere, Je Suis France, The Lucksmiths, and Dear Nora. This is a B-side from their first single entitled "Rope Burn". This song is later referenced on their first album Never Gonna Touch the Ground. 2009 Antenna Farm Records.